Beth Hart concerts in Warsaw and Wrocław


Tangerine Concert Agency


Successful promotion of the vocalist previously unknown in Poland, and a communication campaign informing about her concerts.


A communication campaign based on three pillars: Beth Hart performing as part of a series of Rock & Blues Summer Days events featuring many more recognisable musicians; organising the vocalist’s promotional visit two weeks before the concerts, and media relations activities before each concert.


Building Beth Hart’s broad recognition in Poland and reaching a very good attendance at the concerts. The artist’s music appeared on many radio stations. One of Beth Hart’s songs ranked high on the Chart of the Polish Radio Programme Three for nearly two months. The singer gave numerous interviews not only as part of music radio programmes, but also during mainstream morning TV shows with high viewing figures, on TVP 1 (“Kawa czy herbata” programme) and TVP 2 (“Pytanie na śniadanie” programme).