The Venice Biennale

Business & Culture will conduct media relations activities for the Polish Pavilion on the 56th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia on national and international scale. Venice will see a monumental panoramic film projection with the documentation of opera performance of Stanislaw Moniuszko’s “Halka”, which took place in Cazale village located in Haitian mountains. The artists C.T. Jasper and Joanna Malinowska as well as curator Magdalena Moskalewicz are responsible for the project.

The premiere of “Operetta”

The circle of Business & Culture’s clients has expanded and now it includes Warsaw Chamber Opera. We were responsible for media relations and social media activities for the premiere of “Operetta” based on the drama by Witold Gombrowicz. This was the first stage adaptation of a text by this outstanding author. The play directed by Jerzy Lach was premiered on 9th April.

“The first on the list” mesmerised the media

According to a report “Rynek nowości wydawniczych 2015” (New 2015 publications market) presented by Press Service in mid-February, the novel we have been promoting — “The first on the list” (Polish title “Pierwsza na liście”) by Magdalena Witkiewicz was the second book most often discussed in the media in January. There were 320 different materials about this book. “The first on the list” was overtaken only by an international bestseller “Not a book” but it outclassed publications by Joanna Bator, Angelika Kuźniak, Dorota Masłowska and Anna Janko.

Zachęta again with us

National Art Gallery Zachęta has chosen Business & Culture to be its partner again. This time we have been entrusted with communication support of Anna Jermolaewa’s exhibition, especially in socio-political context. Anna Jermolaewa is considered one of the most eminent contemporary Austrian artists. She uses various media, mainly photography, video and installation. Anna Jermolaewa is mostly interested in analysing the structures underlying the functioning of the society, as well as social conditions and areas of everyday life. In her works she concentrates on depicting conditions and limitations of human existence.

Other books

In the upcoming months we will be promoting over 40 titles. A psychology book titled “The Curse of Lovely” (Polish title “Bycie miłym to przekleństwo”, Muza SA) has just been published and moved to the 16th position on the bestseller list run by within one week. The famous “The Marshmallow Test” (Polish title Test Marshmallow, Smak Słowa), for which we have taken action since December 2014, will be published in three weeks’ time. We have started communication of the album “Warsaw. The 60s.” (Warszawa. Lata 60.) (Bosz), which is the third part of a best-selling series. Some of the titles to be promoted by us soon include: short stories by Zdzisław Beksiński (Bosz), a new novel by Cecelii Ahern (Akurat), a detective story by Katarzyna Bonda (Muza SA) and a novel by Herbjorg Wassmo (Smak Słowa).

We just turned 4

It’s been four years now since our agency was started. During this time our team has expanded seven-fold, we have supported some ninety projects and we had the pleasure and privilege of working for almost fifty clients. Some 27 thousand publications were published in the media as a result of our activity.

“Progress and Hygiene” at Zachęta Art Gallery – we are behind the promotion of the exhibition

We are in charge of media relations of one of this year’s largest art exhibitions. The exhibition presented at Zachęta National Gallery, entitled “Progress and Hygiene”, is centered around the pitfalls of modernization in the context of the idealistic belief in progress and the possibility of “betterment” common to both art and science at the beginning of the 20th century. Anda Rottenberg is the exhibition’s curator.

We communicate a purchase of a unique painting

The Tatra Museum has enriched its collection with a unique work of Witkacy “Portrait of Krystyna and Ludwik Fischer”. The painting, purchased for a quarter of a million zloty, was first exhibited on the 14th of November at the Museum’s branch – the Gallery of 20th Century Art at Oksza villa. We supported the communication side of the event. Apart from the media relations activities we have carried out a special action: in Zakopane, in several different places special mirrors were placed in which the passers-by could look at themselves with the eyes of Witkacy. Similar small-size mirrors were offered to selected journalists. The opening of the exhibition attracted more than 250 visitors.