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The tasks assigned to Business & Culture are always executed in a fully professional manner, while their non-standard approach as well as effectiveness in reaching the target group contribute to the growth of sales and better brand recognition. The social media promotional strategy developed by the agency has translated into improved online sales of our titles.

Marcin Garliński,
President of the Board of Muza SA Publishing House

During all the phases of the project (North Rhine-Westphalia Cultural Season), Business & Culture achieved the set goals, or even exceeded them. The differences in the business cultures of Poland and Germany did not affect the quality of their cooperation with the Ministry and the leading PR agency in Germany. Business & Culture has been a valuable partner to our project, and we are very pleased that we have entrusted them with these tasks.

Jens F. Pyper,
Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of North Rhine-Westphalia

Business & Culture offered some highly effective promotional services for the exhibitions and our other projects. The agency has demonstrated professionalism, reaching not only the media specialising in culture, but also the mass media channels. The actions carried out by Business & Culture translated into improved visibility in the media and increased audience attendance at the exhibitions.

Joanna Szwajcowska,
Deputy Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle

During our cooperation, Business & Culture have proven to be a reliable partner who provides crucial support to our employees, both at the conceptual stage and during the production works, thus contributing to the exhibitions’ success and popularity among the visitors.

Justyna Markiewicz,
Deputy Director of Zachęta – National Gallery of Art

Our cooperation with the agency was a very successful undertaking thanks to which the celebration of the jubilee of the oldest Polish design school gained an effective media coverage. We are very satisfied with the effectiveness will demonstrate itself in more and more intense relations with socio-economic and media environment, as well as in the outcome of his year's enrolment.

Prof. Dr. hab. Andrzej Ziębliński,
Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Design at ASP in Krakow

2+3D recommends cooperation with Business & Culture agency. The agency was responsible for the communication of the publication titled “Designed” (Zaprojektowane). Business & Culture has successfully reached the right media, thus occasioning over 25 interviews about the book in most important mass media and numerous reputable publications in national and regional media. Business & Culture agency is a professional and reliable partner in the communication and promotion.

Czesława Frejlich,
Chief Editor of 2+3

The event was publicized by national and regional media, including the most popular news programmes. Thanks to undertaken activities, the message was successfully conveyed to the intended target audience, thus contributing to the increase in recognisability of the Foundation and the Dorbud brand. Business & Culture agency is a professional partner in activities connected with promotion of culture and by means of culture.

Artur Sobolewski,
President of the Management Board of Nowa Przestrzeń Sztuki

The Business & Culture agency also used the promoted picture to prepare an original action, which was very popular, and presented the Tatra Museum as a modern, developing institution. Our cooperation was very effective and went unusually smoothly, above all due to clear communication, inventiveness and highest professionalism of the agency’s representatives.

Anna Wende-Surmiak,
Director of the Tatra Muzeum

In the years 2012-2015, Business & Culture, in a fully professional and timely manner, provided promotional and media communication services for the new books offered by our publishing house. These titles have achieved a great success in terms of both media coverage and sales, largely thanks to the efforts of the agency.

Bogdan Szymanik,
Director of Bosz Publishing House

Business & Culture have superbly fulfilled their obligations. The promotional activities for Reggaeland Festival helped to increase the turnout at the event which as a result came out at the top of the ranking of all Polish reggae festivals. We highly recommend Business & Culture as a responsible and effective partner in promoting cultural events.

Artur Wiśniewski,
Director of the Płock Centre for Culture and Arts

Our cooperation has been nothing but outstanding. Business & Culture are an extremely competent partner. In all of the completed projects they showed an enormous creative potential. The company’s employees adopt an individual approach to each task, and carry it out with great involvement. All the projects completed by Business & Culture for our company have proven very successful.

Anna Świtajska,
Owner of Smak Słowa Publishing House

The company’s reliability, attention to detail, personal involvement and professional approach to the client are highly commendable. We confirm that the tasks assigned to Business & Culture have been executed as agreed and in a proper manner.

Elżbieta Stępniak,
Organiser of the Polish Hip-Hop Festival

The speed consultations entitled “Strategies and Communication for Design”, arranged by Business & Culture, were one of the main events at the conference accompanying the Fair. The consultations significantly improved the perception of the quality of our project among nearly 5 thousand fair visitors.

Andrzej Kasprzak,
President of the Board of Gdańsk International Fairs

The promotional strategy developed by the agency included activities which significantly boosted the event’s visibility in Poland. The strategy was implemented according to the highest standards, bringing concrete benefits in terms of the number of spectators at the shows, a significant surge in nationwide and specialist media attention, including the participation of journalists in the Festival, and raising the profile of Documentary Film Festival NURT.

Magdalena Kusztal,
Director of the Kielce Culture Centre