Première of the new novel by Haruki Murakami


Muza SA Publishing House


Promotion of the new book by Haruki Murakami with the aim of maximising its sales.


Poland’s first book release with the use of vending machines; multistage media relations activities over a three-month period, including media coverage about a possible Nobel Prize in Literature for Murakami, the book release announcements and the novel itself; organisation of reading sessions with a few hundred people involved at one time, as part of book discussion clubs throughout the country.


Meeting the sales objectives of the publisher. The book ranked among TOP 10 at two weeks before its release. The top-selling book in the category of literature in the Empik and Matras chains of stores for three weeks in a row from the moment of its release. The unusual book première attracted the attention of not only the culture-oriented media but also news journalists who usually do not cover literary topics. The event was broadly covered by all major radio stations, newspapers and portals in Poland, as well as by regional media channels. The book release met with very positive reception also across social and marketing media platforms.