The book by Katarzyna Bonda titled “The Absorber”


Muza SA Publishing House


Promotion of the book by Katarzyna Bonda titled “The Absorber” (Polish title: “Pochłaniacz”) – the first of a four-volume series. Positioning the author as the most important author of crime novels in Poland.


The core of the campaign is based on the blurb created by Zygmunt Miłoszewski, i.e.”Katarzyna Bonda is the new queen of crime”. Multiphase five-month media relations activities related to the launch of the book and the whole series, as well as creation of the author’s image; organizing several meetings with the author throughout Poland; development of “The Scent of Crime” that will go with the book, in cooperation with one of the best senseliers in Poland; promotional campaigns in social media.



Poland’s best selling detective story written by a woman in 2014. The book occupied the top of bestseller lists in Empik and Matras chains. Presence on lists of bestselling crime books from May 2014 till January 2015. Winning the “Bestseller of the year” title in Biedronka supermarket chain. Promoting the author as one of the best Polish authors of crime novels. Successful promotion of the book caused its author to appeared in breakfast and television features programmes in different TV stations and many radio programmes several times. She also gave interviews to the most important daily newspapers, opinion-forming weekly magazines and has become the heroine of reportages in tabloids and women’s magazines. The author received the “Gala’s Rose” award for her novel “The Absorber”.